Psychometric tests

To ensure you hire the right people according to your business' needs.

Atman Psychometric Testing will help you in hiring and managing your employees. It is a test that reveals the characteristics of an individual's personality, such as his motivations, attitude and values. These aspects are difficult to discover in an interview.

1. Hiring personnel

  • By comparing your candidate's test results with a pre-established job standard, you increase the probability of engaging the right person by 75%.
  • There are 250 job standards in addition to the Super Assistant Financial Advisor Standard created by Virage Coaching.
  • The Atman test significantly reduces hiring costs.

2. Assessing the compatibility of personalities

The relationship between a boss and his employee or between two partners can make the difference between the success or failure of a team.

By comparing the results of two people, the Atman test predicts their ability to work harmoniously and effectively together. It also identifies areas where caution and vigilance will be required due to less compatible personality traits.

3. Increasing Team Productivity

It is undeniable that an effective team is the essence of your success. The Atman test can help you build a complementary team, use an appropriate leadership style, improve communication and build a productive and harmonious work environment.

This test, simple and easy, takes only 40 minutes to complete via internet.

You will not be able to do without it!

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