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My mother being a professional coach, I have experienced the benefits of coaching my whole life! It was therefore with great confidence, interest and curiosity that I began my group coaching with Virage Coaching for two and a half years now. I was immediately impressed by the quality of interventions and the impressive amount of practical tools for the business owner, especially for the financial services industry. The impact on my personal and professional life as well as my company's performance was so tangible that I quickly started and registered a group composed of successful advisors and those with high potential from within my organization.

“ I definitely recommend Virage Coaching to all those who are willing to rise to the occasion without sacrificing their lives! Our first group of participants is currently completing its second year and the results are stunning: a collective growth of 41% ”.

— Gino Savard, President of MICA

The Virage Coaching program has allowed me to increase my business by 600% through discipline and the implementation of a structure and process. I now have 2 assistants that I can delegate the tasks for which I have no ability and diminish my energy level. With the synergy of the group, the accompaniment of coaches and planning tools, has allowed me to finish #1 in 2014 within my Dealer and also improved my quality of life!

— Luc Blais, President of Financial Services Luc Blais

“ Today was a great day for my business. I achieved my “ Virage Plan” annual objectives, and, an increase of 40% compared to last year. I am very proud of myself and truly grateful for everything you have provided”.

— G. Leblanc, Financial Security Advisor

I enjoyed the stimulating and energizing atmosphere that prevailed during training. While I have several years of experience as an assistant, I acquired new tools and ideas that allowed me to better organize my work, particularly in the management of my priorities (important vs. urgent) and also improve my method of communicating to ensure a more effective communication. Exchanges with other assistants was also very rewarding.

— Mrs. Mongeau

My “WOW” of the day was the Virage Plan which helped me focus on my most important professional and personal goals. I have developed new habits that allow me to be more efficient and built a network thanks to the personal connections created with the other participants. This in turn, allowed me to generate contracts.

— Pierre Potvin, Lead Multimédias

Everything I did with you has already served me well and will continue to be useful in the evolution of my career. I enjoyed working with you. Virage has allowed me to meet advisers who are now my clients! Thank you for this opportunity.

— Line Lippé, Vice President of Mackenzie Investment District

I owe you big, thanks to the Virage training, I am now equipped to 1) recognize what are my life goals, and, 2) progress according to my life goals. A big THANK YOU!

— C. Jodoin, director, media printed and on line

I wanted to share with you this recognition (Director of the month), because I owe you a part of that achievement. Thanks for the tools and your support!

— G. Milot, director, Hong Kong

Thank you very much for having supported me in my metamorphosis as well as for having helped me grow. You are part of my success!

— M.J. Charbonneau, director

Virage Coaching has been my “life support” during the months that followed the loss of my job. I get an excellent support, an action plan that I built every month and the tools to help me reach my personal and professional goals.

— Marie-Josée K, consultant

Bravo on your coaching formula. I like the pace of the sessions as it allows me to do my research, reflect, plan and take action. In brief, taking the necessary time required to reach my monthly goals.

— Lucie H., director

Group coaching is very beneficial for me because it allows me to exchange with other participants, to feel listened to and encouraged in my approach. The dynamic that is created stimulates me and motivates me to progress.

— L. Lahaye, SAC

I am impressed by the Virage plan. This multifunctional tool serves as a guide and reference throughout the month. Thanks to him, I advance in my projects of life. Thanks Virage Coaching!

— Daniel B., adjoint administratif

Simply to express my gratitude and recognition for having the chance to be coached by professionals like you; qualified people. From my stand point, you have the right approach and I think that is why you have had such generous exchanges from the group. I thank you again for making me live my dreams and my visions in such a refreshing way.

— M. Bergeron, Conseiller en sécurité financière

This is one of the simplest client segmentation tools I have seen in my career. The tool is effective since the process keeps you focused on the essential criteria. The exercise allows you to think about each client taking into account family and / or business ties. You will be able to detect new opportunities, increase your income and value your business block.

— Chantal Vachon, Conseillère en sécurité financière