Consultative Selling

If, as an executive, you want to increase your sales while improving your business relationships with your customers ...

If you are short of time or labor to accompany your representatives or train your new recruits...

Your solution : A Virage Coaching Consultative Selling trainig session.

Consultative Selling

Proven for years, our consultative selling technique is designed to maximize your revenue while developing a privileged and long-lasting business relationship with your customers.

Program Development:

1. Content development tailored to the realities of your industry:

  • Meeting with leaders
  • Drafting of the sales plan

2. Training of representatives:

  • Developing the art of consultative selling
  • Learn how to identify and adequately address client needs
  • Prove the value of your company's products and services
  • Develop a relationship of trust with customers
  • Respond to objections so as to maintain the relationship.

Representatives follow-ups:

  • Audit of prior learning
  • On-site support
  • Targeted coaching, personalized feedback
  • Establishment of specific objectives

4. Results Tracking

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