Entrepreneurial Leader Series

Training for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs

Improve your efficiency, your quality of life and increase your sales figures!

Our programs could be subsidized more than 50% by Emploi-Québec. We will help you with your application.


Our new Entrepreneurial Leader Series allows you to improve your efficiency using new tools and provides you with strategic reflection time and motivation to act. This series offers opportunities such as:

  • HR, Marketing, Innovation and Motivation experts who complete this structured and well-tooled program
  • Webinar, etc.


  • A full coaching day every three months (4/year)
  • 2 hours of individual coaching
  • Cohort of 12 participants creating group synergy
  • 2 coaches and one specialist per session

Our coaches, trainers and specialists

Brigitte St-Germain B.A., A.C.C., Trainer and professional coach

Nadine Macron B.A.A., Certified Trainer

Daniel R. Legault CRHA Associé et Directeur principal Intalent

Dominic Larivée B.A.A., M.Sc., Associate, Executive VP Optima Marketing

André Du Sault Ing. F. MBA (London Business School) MPA (Harvard), Innovation SDA Conseil

Mélanie Chénier Spécialiste en communication et synergologue, Co-fondatrice du Modèle Comquest

Treat yourself to 1 day of strategic reflection every quarter in order to improve your efficiency, achieve your life goals and generate growth in all aspects of your life.

Upcoming training session

March 16th, 2020

Place: Greater Montreal Region

Price: $4000.00+taxes