Individual coaching

Treat yourself to customized coaching!

Virage Coaching also offers coaching tailored to your needs. We will equip you with the necessary tools to allow you to take control of your life and progress toward meeting your personal and professional life goals.

An approach based on the solutions developed by Erickson College

The Virage Coaching team has selected the coaching methodology espoused by Erickson College, as it matches its values and its mission.

In fact, Virage Coaching uses the Erickson College approach, i.e. the solution focused coaching method, in its individual coaching sessions. Drawing on the appropriate techniques and tools, the coach facilitates your progress through various stages of questioning and experience that allow you to create your own action plan, one that will meet the need you identified at the start of the session.

This proven method, developed by Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, allows you to focus on the positive, turn to the future, develop your creativity and align with your value system. Its greatest strength lies in the fact that it combines the following elements: 4 quadrant thinking, the tabula rasa technique and neurolinguistic programming tools that lead the way to choices and changes.

The Virage Coaching team fully adheres to Erickson’s 5 principles, as follows:

  • People already have all the resources within them to achieve what they want
  • People always make the best choice they can at the time
  • Every behaviour has a positive intention
  • People are okay as they are
  • Change is inevitable

We believe that these principles, based on respect and non-judgment, allow you to maximize your untapped potential and reach your goals.

In addition, solution focused coaching appeals to all your senses—visual, auditory and kinesthetic—in order to involve your entire brain. The questions asked are in a logical order and explore identity, values, skills, actions, behaviours and the environment. This process creates a positive impact on the reorganization of your internal hierarchy and allows you to identify what is important to you, why and how you will get what you want.

Whether to enjoy a better quality of life, identify what is important to you, prioritize, improve your processes, your time management and your efficiency, or to reach a whole new level in your personal and professional lives, the solution focused coaching approach will meet your needs.

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