Who we are

Virage Coaching specializes in group coaching and distinguishes itself via a hybrid coaching program that focuses on meeting personal and professional life goals.

Do you need motivation? Are you looking for new tools to better manage your personal and professional life? Do you want to develop winning habits? The solution: Virage Coaching’s Generator of Growth programs.

With over 25 years of experience, our team has developed its own hybrid coaching programs—business coaching and life coaching—because these two parts of your life cannot be dissociated.

We have served more than 1 000 customers since 2008

Our mission

In a dynamic and stimulating environment, the Virage Coaching team is committed to guiding you and providing you with the necessary monitoring and tools to help you meet your life goals.

Our values

Our values are progress, sharing, respect, commitment and pleasure.

Our objectives

  • To allow you to take control of your present and future so you can meet your personal and professional life goals.
  • To assist you in becoming more efficient and more disciplined so you can enjoy a better life balance.
  • To guide you toward "seeing things differently" so you can set yourself apart in your field.

Our coaching programs

  • Dreams... Objectives... Action plan... Results
  • Group coaching (8 to 12 participants)
  • Different concept: full days focusing on action and motivation
  • Practical exercises - Motivation modules - Guests

Come develop your strengths, equip yourself with the necessary tools and discover the opportunities!

See our Training and coaching section to find the series that matches your needs and your profile...

Virage Coaching is recognized as a training organization by Québec's Commission des partenaires du marché du travail

We provide companies governed by Québec’s ''Loi sur les compétences'' with certification. The good news is that your employer may be able to cover the costs of your coaching program. Do not hesitate to submit a request. We prepare the documents for you.
Our programs could be subsidized more than 50% by Emploi-Québec on condition that they meet the eligibility criteria. We will help you with your application. Virage Coaching is a training organization approved by the Labor Market Partners Commission.
Accreditation Number: 0054051

We are members and certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation)